Elise Crevier is a LA-based creative with a background in design and painting; currently working full time as Beautycounter’s Social Art Director. Her background in fine art caters to an uncommon creative process, such as treating product as paint and finding inspiration in creating artistic compositions. 

Elise Crevier's paintings typically deal with the darker and more complex side of human emotions and tendencies, including but not limited to despair, anxiety, traumatic stress, violence, and neglect. Her process begins at the blank canvas, without any sort of preliminary sketch, so that she may record any impromptu thought or impulse to the subject matter directly on the surface. The result is often times an accurate representation of the psychological effects that drive her paintings.

When not creating, she enjoys a nice glass of red wine, sharing experiences with friends, hanging with her three fluffballs or dreaming of her next travel destination. She draws inspiration from the world around her, a wide range of other artistic practices, personal encounters, news stories, and environments.  She takes much of her inspiration from past and contemporary masters alike, such as Cy Twombly, Christopher Wool, Antoni Tàpies, Gerhard Richter, Morris Lewis and Robert Motherwell.